Carl Fasano (Design Science Guru) RISD, Faculty

Has been involved in Design Science for a over a decade and has worked with many of the disciplines founders. He has a background in both painting and mathematics and brings these disciplines to bear in his prolific creations that span all areas of geomtric inquiry and exploration. He also teaches Aikido and has a strong interest in neuroscience.

Giles Holt (Content Manager) RISD, Architecture ’14

Currently a sophomore in RISD’s Department of Architecture, Giles had a keen interest in studying Design Science under Carl Fasano since he was first introduced to some basic concepts in the spring of 2010.

Sarah Pease (Chief Editor) RISD, Furniture ’13

Currently a sophomore in Furniture,  Came to Design Science with a strong background in materials and an attention to detail cultivated in RISD’s department of Furniture Design. Her primary interests involve the creation of moving structures and small models.

Mariana Botero (Design Science Club President) RISD, Architecture ’14

Recently transferred to RISD after studying Architecture in Medellin, Colombia. Mariana explores the intersection of site and space though her creation of mirrored polyhedra and kaleidoscopes.


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